Tonight the @Pegatweet Young Company will be presenting SHIFT - an ominous evening where anything can change... Cr - 2 days ago

Opportunity for dancers - 2 days ago

Our friends at @improbable1 are offering another episode of #BehindTheGlass live streaming tonight 8pm GMT. A work- - 2 days ago

Were looking for suggestions for our new project - 5 days ago

@paulavarjack @madewithstring @SEjiLeb @tmebell Say Anything (1989) - boombox scene: - 5 days ago

Were doing some research for our new project #WaysOfListening with @dzBritish. Do you have any suggestions of sce - 5 days ago

This is brilliant! Such a deep and creatively ambitious exploration of climate change and the form of digital theat - 6 days ago

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I strongly urge you to watch this movie... it's a powerful piece of live performance in spoken word & Music Fehin - 6 days ago

Behind the scenes of our film Can I Live? by @FehintiBalogun. Today is the last chance to watch the film online. Wa - 6 days ago

Final day to watch #CanILiveShow online by @FehintiBalogun." explosive mix of spoken word, animation, hip-ho - 6 days ago

#CanILiveShow Director @DanielLBailey - director for stage/screen, a dramaturg/writer. Associate Artistic Director - 6 days ago

If you do anything this weekend, watch #CanILiveShow !!!!!!!! - 7 days ago

This weekend is the last chance to watch our online film #CanILiveShow by @FehintiBalogun " explosive mix o - 8 days ago