About us
Attendees of an outdoor screening for Can I live? sit in coats and blankets, smiling at the film.

Climate Crisis

Complicité believes that action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency is urgent and vital. We take responsibility for our impact on people and planet, working to ensure that we create and tour productions as sustainably as possible. We also believe in the power and importance of our art as a form of advocacy on issues around the Climate and Ecological Emergency. 

We believe that Ecocide should be recognised as a crime. Visit the Stop Ecocide campaign website to learn more.

We are a founder member of Culture Declares Emergency and co-chair a working group of UK Touring Theatre Companies to share best sustainable practice and to develop the Theatre Green Book Touring Guidance.

We have committed to working to the Intermediate standard of Theatre Green Book for our most recent production, Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead. Theatre Green Book is an initiative to work more sustainably across the theatre sector. In three volumes it sets standards for making productions sustainably, for making theatre buildings sustainable, and for improving operations like catering and front of house. It also has clear guidelines, spearheaded by Complicité, about how to tour work as sustainably as possible. 

We acknowledge that we are on a journey. We are learning how to work in a more environmentally sustainable way and minimise negative impact on our planet. We hope that you will come on that journey with us, and we are excited to exchange ideas and learn from one another as we look to a sustainable future. 

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