About us

A group of actors embrace in a circle before a show. The actor whose back is facing the camera wears a black Complicite T-shirt with a white chair on it.

About us

Four shadow-like actors dance in front of a glowing yellow and orange backdrop, amongst shadow-like desks, chairs and a cello.

Our history

In rehearsals, the cast stand closely in a line staring suspiciously at the camera. Simon McBurney's back is to the camera.


Simon McBurney in The Encounter, looking to the left with his hands clasped, while on his right is a grey head-shaped model on a microphone stand.


Attendees of an outdoor screening for Can I live? sit in coats and blankets, smiling at the film.

Climate Crisis

An actor in a black dress blends into the black background as Margarita in The Master and Margarita, raising an arm holding yellow flowers towards the left.


Simon McBurney sits on the floor with his laptop, deep in conversation with actors, Miles Yekinni on his left and Natasha Stone on his right.

Jobs / Vacancies

A person's back is to the camera, wearing a blue skirt and a black jumper, and they are looking at a wall covered with sheets of paper.


Clive Mendus and participants in his workshop tiptoe slightly cheekily around the room.