Simon McBurney is to the right smiling with arms folded and Khalil Madovi sits at a sound deck to the left, looking focused.

Working with artists: Mudlarks

“We all have ideas. They come to us at odd moments of the day, often when we are not thinking directly about the problem in hand. Ideas for most people are not an issue. The issue is how we translate those ideas into form.”

Simon McBurney

Mudlarks is Complicité’s first ever dedicated programme to identifying and supporting outstanding artists, often at the early stage of their career. We want to help push back the pressures of target driven activity and rebel against the urge to define something as soon as it is conceived. The best gift Complicité can give artists is the freedom to follow their fascinations, to go to the hinterland of their idea.

Mudlarks encompasses a series of programmes including Mudlarks International Residency, Supported by Complicité and Mudlarks: Young Devisers.

We rarely have open call outs for these schemes, but when we do they will be advertised here, via our social media channels and on our e-newsletter.

If you would like to invite us to see your work, please email – we’d love to know a bit more about what you do and why you feel your ethos aligns with ours. We are a small team and we are limited in how much work we’re able to see, but we will get to as much as we can.

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