Education has been at the core of Complicité’s practice for decades and we are proud to be a ‘leading practitioner of devised theatre’ on many GCSE, BTEC and A Level courses.

Led by Complicité’s Associates, highly experienced devising performers, our projects designed for schools, offer teachers and students a chance to experience and learn about the Company’s collaborative processes which have play and risk-taking at the core.

The roots of Complicité's practice can be traced back to the training of its members, many of whom studied at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. This training is at the heart of the Company’s Education programme, which reaches over 2,000 people in schools, colleges, clubs, museums and other institutions in the UK and abroad every year.

Devising and collaboration form the foundation of our work; we encourage playfulness, risk taking and a willingness to fail. We work with participants of all ages and levels of experience, we travel the world to share our practice with students and theatre professionals alike. We believe that the Arts are not an add on, they are not a luxury, they are not for the few.

The techniques we use with students are the same building blocks that the Company employs every day in the rehearsal room. The aim of these workshops is to build group understanding of how to work together to create a shared visual language.


Project for schools

Devising in the Secondary Classroom

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To read more about the projects on offer to schools, please download our brochure here. They are especially suitable for GCSE, BTEC and A Level groups.

If you want to know more about our work with schools please email or give us a call on 020 7485 7700 for more information.