Students pose while devising, many with chairs held above their heads, some raising their arms in the air.

Bespoke School Residencies

Devising and collaboration form the foundation of our work; we encourage playfulness, risk taking and a willingness to fail. We work with participants of all ages and levels of experience and we travel the world to share our practice with students and theatre professionals alike. 

The techniques we use with students are the same building blocks that the Company employs every day in the rehearsal room. The aim of these workshops is to build group understanding of how to work together to create a shared visual language.

We are unable to offer one-off student workshops for secondary schools that have not previously participated in Devising in the Secondary Classroom, but we are happy to create a bespoke workshop series for your students.

Some popular formats include a series of two or more three-hour student workshops over several weeks, or a combination of a student workshop paired with a teacher CPD workshop.

If you are interested in booking a bespoke workshop series for your school, please read the FAQ below and then email to inquire about dates and prices.

If you are interested in a masterclass or residency for higher education or professional artists, please visit our Bespoke Masterclasses and Residencies page.

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“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the great session yesterday. The students came in this morning and wanted to play the games and exercises you introduced to them yesterday. They are fully inspired from their session and their A level pieces are finally coming together nicely! The students said it was the best workshop or session they have ever had in all of their 6 years!”

Teacher Feedback


Why can’t I book a single student workshop?

  • We don’t offer one-off student workshops unless you have previously participated in a Complicité teacher CPD workshop. We believe it is important to provide teachers with additional tools and context around Complicité’s work to support students’ devising journeys after our workshops. This can either come from participating in a teacher CPD, or through embedding the work with the students over several workshops.

How long is a student workshop?

  • We recommend a three hour workshop for secondary school students.

How many students can take part in a workshop?

  • We lead workshops for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 26 students. This helps us to ensure that students are benefitting fully from their time with our Associates. We are more than happy to work with combined classes of students, provided there are fewer than 26 in total.

How does a teacher CPD work?

  • A teacher CPD can last anywhere from three to five hours and is designed to give teachers some groundwork to be able to further support the students on their devising journey before and after a student workshop. We need a minimum of 8 teachers to participate in a CPD, schools are welcome to open this workshop up to teachers from partner or neighbouring schools.

Can the Complicité Associates help students work on their devised pieces?

  • Our workshops are designed to help give students some tools and framework for creating devised work. Students will be given short devising tasks to practise implementing some of the skills built. These can then be used in future classes to create new work. Our workshops are not intended to provide specific directorial advice for students’ assessed work.

Do you work with schools outside of London?

  • Yes, we send our Associates all around the UK to lead school workshops. Any travel or accommodation required for workshops outside of London is charged in addition to the residency cost.