Emma looks at the camera with a soft look in her eye, her hair over one shoulder and wearing a black jumper with a gold necklace.

Emma Stevenson


Emma has over twenty years’ experience of working in the public and philanthropic sector tackling social injustice and poverty. She is currently Head of Funded Partnerships at Comic Relief and is responsible for identifying and developing global funding opportunities to drive social change and achieve sustainable impact. Emma has a background in the performing arts and is passionate about the power of storytelling and exploring how popular culture and narratives can act as a catalyst for social change. She is committed to collaborative ways of working, learning from, and partnering with communities experiencing social injustice and ensuring people have agency over the decisions impacting their lives. As well as working to achieve gender equality and continued fighting for human rights, Emma worked for many years developing children’s & young people’s services and has led a number of award winning service design programmes. She sat on the UK Government’s National Child & Adolescent and Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Advisory Board and is a Board member of the International Elevate Children Funders Group.