Sarah Ainsley
Sarah Ainsley

Directed by

Simon McBurney


Lucy Weller


Jon Linstein, Matt Shadder


Maurice Adamson, Neville Stanbury


Mario Aguerre, Annabel Arden, David Backler, Timothy Barlow, Mick Barnfather, Ian Cooke, Coralene Chambers, Suzanne Dawson, Gay Gaynor, Gerard Flanagan, Marc Fremand, Celia Gore Booth, Phil Gunderson, Jozef Houben, Casper Hummel, Marcello Magni, Graziella Martinez, Hamish McCall, Pat Mitchell, Dhobi Oparei, Linda Karli Scott, Susan Todd, Micheline Vandepoel, Sue Westergaard

A comic, grotesque, absurd, frightening show about the attitudes and manners of eating.

Food Stuff was a collaboration between professional and non professional performers from different coutnries and backgrounds. Complicité was specially comissioned by The Greenwich Festival to devise Foodstuff over 4 weeks of intesive work. 





London Albany Empire