A participant with a long plait leans their body to the left, curving their arms in a circle upwards.

New Frontiers, Glad Theatre

A month long artist residency working with Glad Theatre in Copenhagen

We were invited by inclusive theatre company Glad Theater, Copenhagen to collaborate with them on their first international artistic development workshop. Complicité Associate Josie Daxter spent four weeks in Copenhagen working with Glad on New Frontiers a month-long creative laboratory – an artistic residency. Performers from Glad’s ensemble came together with a selected group of theatre makers from all over Europe to participate. Directors and founders of Glad Teater, Lars Werner Thomsen and Jesper Michelsen, also took part as it was a meeting of the companies and an exchange of practice.

“What happens if artists approach creativity like they are explorers, astrophysicists, pioneers?”

Glad Theater

Complicité Associates Gareth Fry, and Yasuyo Mochizuki, performer and teacher of movements and object theatre (Lecoq), visited during to work with the group in turn. Gareth and Yasuyo each brought provocations to the group, prompting exploration of how we experience the world – how our consciousness interprets sound and how we experience the body in space.

New Frontiers was designed to open up creative pathways and connections both for the participants and between the companies. It was an invitation for all the participants to dive in and get lost, to open up a toolbox of different approaches to making theatre. Together the group took a deep dive into the field of diversity, collective creation and exploration of consciousness and the body in space.

© Natasha Freedman