Martha looks gently at the camera, wearing a light grey jumper, red lipstick and gold circular earrings.

Martha Awojobi


Martha Awojobi (any pronouns) is Founder, Director and fearless leader of JMB Consulting. After spending ten years working in the charity and philanthropic sector they were disappointed to find that the space that she believed could be truly transformational in bringing about the liberation of oppressed groups also perpetuated horrific racism. Leaders were slow to innovate, resistant to name structural racism and reluctant to meaningfully include Black and Brown people in decision making. Instead, they were preoccupied with being seen as ‘good people doing good work’ at the expense of confronting and dismantling the very real racism that their organisations perpetuate. Martha works in coalition with organisations who share their goal of liberation from oppression through their consultancy work at JMB and political education work at Uncharitable.

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