Limited Edition Book ‘Mnemonic – A Site’ Coming Soon

30 May 2024

A limited-edition book celebrating the enduring impact of the production, Mnemonic is coming soon. This special edition, titled Mnemonic – A Site, marks 25 years since the original staging and coincides with the reimagining of the production running at the National Theatre this summer.

Featuring reflections from Takumã Kuikuro, Toby Jones, Frances McDormand and other notable contributors, it will include a rich collection of anecdotes, artefacts and objects from the show, encapsulating decades of artistic history and evolution.

Designed by Russell Warren-Fisher, the book promises to be as visually captivating as it is informative.

Mnemonic – a site will be available on Tuesday 2 July 2024.

Pre-orders are now open, offering an opportunity to be among the first to own this collector’s item.