Core team

Tim smiles slightly cheekily while looking directly at the camera, sitting while typing on his laptop.
Senior Creative Producer

Tim Bell

Rima looks at the camera with her head at an angle, with an assured air of peace.
Project Producer

Rima Dodd

Creative Engagement Coordinator

Francesca Hsieh

Headshot of Shaadi Khosravi-Rad
Creative Campaigns Producer

Shaadi Khosravi-Rad

Sarah Kingswell headshot
Finance and Operations Manager

Sarah Kingswell

Simon is in mid-speech with his arms held out in front of him as he makes a point.
Founder, Performer, Director, Writer, Artistic Director

Simon McBurney

A woman with blonde hair smiles against a white wall.
Executive Director

Susie Newbery

Sarah O

Sarah Osgerby

Natalie is in the background of the photo, wearing black, so blending in with the black background, and looking to the right with assurance, while we see the backs of several people's heads in the foreground.
Creative Engagement Producer

Natalie Raaum

Creative Campaigns Coordinator

Jane Ryan

Amy looks directly at the camera with her head at a slight angle, ponderously, and her hands by her sides.
Project Assistant

Amy Sze