Board of Trustees

Tom is pictured standing straight against a brick wall with some yellow writing on it, looking at the camera with a gentle air.
Trustee & Chair

Tom Morris

Frances looks winningly at the camera wearing a light red turtleneck jumper and round black classes with turquoise detailing.
Trustee & Vice Chair

Frances Hughes

In a black and white photo, we see Inua from one side, standing half in a shadow and half out of a shadow, and wearing a hat with a leaf-shaped pin on it.

Inua Ellams

Pete looks directly at the camera, smiling, with a friendly air.

Pete Flamman

Louise Jeffreys headshot

Louise Jeffreys

Nitin is pictured to the side looking upwards and offscreen to the right of the photo and wearing a black leather jacket.
Trustee & Composer

Nitin Sawhney

Emma looks at the camera with a soft look in her eye, her hair over one shoulder and wearing a black jumper with a gold necklace.

Emma Stevenson