Honjoh Hidetaro

Honjoh is a shamisen player and composer, who created and performed the soundtrack to Complicite's production of Shun-kin.

Having mastered traditional Japanese music forms including Naga-uta, Ko-uta and Min-yo, in 1971 he founded the Honjoh School and created Risogaku, an original musical style. As well as collaborating with musicians of different genres, he composes for television, film and theatre, including Hamlet (Peter Stormare). He also teaches for Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. Concerts include The 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, The Japan-Brazil Friendship 100th Anniversary Commemorative Performance, 20th Anniversary Commemorative Performance of Music from Japan, Munich Olympic World Folk Music Festival (Germany) and Risogaku Shunkan (European tour).

Awards include the Purple Ribbon Medal given by His Majesty the Emperor, the Monbukagakusho Outstanding Achievements in Cultural Affairs Prize and the Arts Festival Prize from the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


  • Shun-kin ┬ęSarah Ainslie