Complicité are proud to be an Arts Award Supporter.

If you are working towards an Arts Award, there are a number of ways Complicité can support you. Here are some examples:

·       Find out more about how the Company makes its work, and its unique collaborative devising process with the Devising Notes resource pack.

·       Take part in a workshop led by a Company member and start devising your own original theatre. 

·       Get access to discounted or free tickets to productions, where available, and attend post-show talks, backstage or onstage tours.

·       Spend a day watching our rehearsals and see how we make work.

·       Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch interviews with Simon McBurney and Complicité associates as well as clips from our productions.

·       Meet and talk to directors, designers, actors or stage managers who have worked for Complicité. 


·       If you’d like more information about Arts Award, or how Complicité can help you complete your award, contact us: